Esquire Confections, LLC


Satisfied Clients

"Wow! Your cakes were AMAZING! Aside from being beautiful, they were delicious. Tasty, moist, and oh so good. I have a sweet tooth and love chocolate cake. I've tasted many that are dry and leave a strange after taste. Yours was perfection. My guests enjoyed it, too....
Thanks again for helping to make Sofia's first birthday so special. I look forward to getting more cakes from you."
Aida, 2017

"Just wanted to let you know that the cake was delicious!! It was absolutely wonderful- so moist and just fabulous. Everyone loved it and the raspberry filling was perfect. I'll definitely be in touch for future needs. Thanks again!"
Jen, 2017

"The cake was beautiful & so delicious. 
I got so many compliments on the craftsmanship, but specially the flavors! The strawberry came perfect for my summer theme party."
Naddia, 2017

"The cakes were a HUGE hit!!  HUGE!! 
Not only did they look fantastic – but they tasted so wonderful!  Thank you so much!! 
You have a real gift!!"
Brian, 2017

"Those cookies were BEAUTIFUL and delicious.  They exceeded my expectations – thank you so much!
Heather, 2017

"The cake was a hit! My parents, aunts and uncles (all who have very high standards) loved the cake. The taste, design and decorations were a hit. Very little to take home because everyone kept coming back for more. They all asked who was the amazing baker behind the cake! Thank you!"
Dora, 2017

"Once again, the hamburger cupcakes and Emoji Birthday Cake were  the hit of Milo's 4th Birthday Party...beautiful and delicious, absolutely perfect. Your baking/decorating skills are superb and a Party pleaser for sure."
Annette, 2017

"Thank you for creating the wonderful cookies for our party on Saturday. They were a big hit. They looked beautiful and also tasted wonderful. People kept asking me about them, so I'm glad I had your cards on hand. Thank you for helping make our party a success."
Karyn, 2016

"I wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful cake that you made for [my daughter's] Shower.  Everyone thought it was delicious, and the strawberry filling was just as you described.  Taste is certainly important and for some people is all that really counts, but from our conversations I think you know that I was equally concerned about the decorations.  Amanda, you really translated the design of the invitation beautifully and I thought the cake looked perfect.  The colors were soft and the flowers were delicate and elegant.  Thank you for creating a very special cake for a very special celebration.
I also appreciate that you delivered the cake to my house."
Marie, 2015

"That cake was amazing! Seriously. Everyone could not stop talking about it. Cookies too. I ate way more than my share but couldn't help it. I have a family of food snobs and they were totally blown away. The decorations were spot on too. Thank you so much!" Danielle, 2014 

"Just a quick note of thanks for the great cake you made for my father in law.  The details were perfect and everyone raved about the red velvet.  The kitchen staff at the [restaurant] even shared a piece!  I’m so happy that I reached out to you and you were available.  We’ll be back in touch for future parties." Carrie, 2014  

"[E]veryone LOVED the cake you made for us. I have to say it's the best cake I've ever tasted!!! Seriously! We loved it. I just referred a friend of mine. . . to you for her daughter's first birthday. I had several people at the party ask me who made the cake!!! Great job! Thanks soooo much!" Cameronne, 2014

"A huge thank you for the fantastic cake for my son's birthday last Saturday! The cake exceeded our expectations, it was so well done and so delicious! We received lots of compliments from our guests and will be recommending you to everyone. I am very happy I took on the recommendations for your business from the MONA list, and my 3 year old was the happiest, he said this was the best cake he ever had. 
Thank you again and looking forward to having another one of your cakes!" Nina, 2014

 "We loved loved loved the cake you made. The owls were adorable and the cake was delicious. It disappeared very quickly. We'll be back for more next year!Thanks again"  Liz, 2012

"I wanted to thank you again for the PERFECT . . . cakes today. They were everything and more. . .perfect look, perfect size for our group, and perfect taste--YUM!!! I think the best compliment was that we had some friends bring home an extra piece with them. . .oh, and my husband and I finished the rest at the end of the evening!
Thanks again for everything!!!" Lynn, 2012 

 "The cake was absolutely fantastic!  The design was great and the cake was lovely and moist. The buttercreme wasn't too sweet so adults and kids really enjoyed it.  My only problem is that I'm sitting here tea in one hand, fork in the other, polishing off the leftovers.  Thank you for a great job." Minna, 2012

 "I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how wonderful the chocolate pirate cake was that you made for my son's 6th birthday.  It was absolutely delicious.  Every bit of it got devoured at the pool party.  Thanks for being the best cake maker ever!  You are really talented and your customer service is top notch.  I will definitely be using your amazing services in the future.  Thanks again and keep up the great job. "  Amy, 2012

 "I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how pleased I was with the cake and cake bites for the baby shower I hosted this weekend. The cake looked adorable--you definitely overdelivered with that one! The picture/design on the cake was perfect and the cake itself was moist and delicious. Our mommy-to-be (and guests) loved it!

 Also, the cake bites were so so so scrumptous. I'll never do cupcakes again, because these were amazing! And thank you again for accomodating our "variety pack" - it was fantastic and exactly what I wanted.

Lastly, I plan to send a recommendation to the MONA listserv on your behalf :)  And I for sure, will definitely contact you for my next event/party!" Jeanne, 2012 

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful cake you made my daughter . . . .   First off, we couldn't keep the kids away from it because the design was so stunning.   And then we received tons of compliments on the quality of the cake.      Gosh, that cake was DELICIOUS.    I have to say that your strawberry filling was unbelievable and absolutely made the whole thing.    And I'm not really a dessert person.    But alas, I had 2 servings of leftover cake tonight. :)

Thank you and we look forward to ordering from you again." Kate, 2012

 "I just wanted to let you know that the cookies were a HUGE hit.  They looked absolutely gorgeous on the tables at Zaytinya, where we had [my son's] baptism reception, and they were totally  delicious!  Our family and friend were very impressed, particularly when I told them that you had less than 24 hours notice.  Thank you for making me look so good!"  Katie, 2011

 "The cake was a HUGE hit!  Not only did you decorate it perfectly, but it was so moist and delicious.  [My son] said, 'I really like the laser gun and the lasers on the cake.'  I feel so fortunate to have found you."  Joy, 2011 

 "Just wanted to thank you for the cake and cookies.  All were a HUGE hit.  The cake not only look great but was got rave reviews and 3rd helpings were requested but I did not have enough!  I am sure I will be back for more as well as some friends.  Thanks for making our son's 3rd party so special."  Megan, 2011

 "Thanks for the cake! It was absolutely beautiful and equally as tasty.  My husband (who is quite picky about desserts) just loved it and hasn't stopped talking about how great it is!  It was a hit at the party and really added to the Dr. Suess theme.  I really appreciate it and looking forward to utilizing your services again in the future...." Beth, 2011 

 "The cake was fabulous.  Actually it was the hit of the party, really the only thing that went off flawlessly!  You did a great job on the decorations and best of all, it actually tasted great!!  Thanks so much.  I am glad I found you and if I have any other cake need in DC, you are my go to person.  I would also add that for me, your professionalizm was wonderful.  You carried over an attention to detail from the corporate world and for me, it made life so easy."  Lucy, 2011

 "I just wanted to let you know that the cookies were a great hit!!  I got so many compliments on them.  I passed along your information to all who asked.  Most importantly, [my daughter] loved them.  We used almost all of them, but luckily, we had a few left over.  I had one last night with a cup of tea. Delicious.  Thanks again.  I look forward to working with you again in the future."  Deidre, 2011

 "[My son's] cake was FABULOUS!!  The chocolate was a huge hit!  The chocolate buttercream filling was UNBELIEVABLE - YUM!! And again . . . gorgeous cake! I love all of the detail you put into it!! [My son] was over the moon!"   Michele, 2011

 "Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your cake, cookies, and cupcakes were fantastic.  I so appreciate your help, thoughtfulness, and work.  You made the birthday party for us! I will think of you for every occasion we have!" Sherry, 2011 

 "I just wanted to let you know that the unicorn cupcake cake was a big hit, as were the mini cupcakes!  They were delicious and the girls that were working at Monkey Biz were impressed with the ease of separating the cupcakes.  She said some of the cheaper ones take icing off of the other cupcakes when they try to take them apart.   We are still enjoying the few left over cupcakes at our house.  Thank you again for your wonderful work!"  Rachel, 2010

 "You are a cake genius.  That fire engine cake today was 'off the hook,' as the parlance of the generation goes.  Just delicious...moist, flavorful, fantastic frosting.  You won everyone's hearts today, especially [the birthday boy] who wants another cake tomorrow. . . . Thanks for all of the effort to bring that masterpiece.  Just marvelous."  Judy, 2010 

 "I can't even tell you how many awesome comments your cake and other  items. . . received today.  It was like people taking non stop pictures of a tourist attraction. . . .we handed out your info all day long!  And it tasted out of this world.  We can't thank you enough and once I download or upload pictures I'll send you a few." Micah, 2010 

 "Thank you so much for the beautiful cake and cookies--They made the party!! You have a superb talent and we look forward to many more happy occassions with 'goodies' from Esquire Confections on our table."  Katie & Greg, 2010

  "I wanted to send you these pictures because your cake was truly a success.  Not only was it absolutely gorgeous, and everyone kept talking about it and asking who made it . . . .  The birthday girl also LOVED the cake.  I don't blame her, it was quite possibly the best cake I've ever tasted, even better than my wedding cake!  Thank you so much for helping make [my daughter's] birthday so special.  It means so much to me.  I'll definitely be in touch next year." Cris, 2009

 "Thank you so much for the beautiful fire truck cupcake cake.  It was fantastic and wonderfully delicious! You are in the right business for sure!" Katie, 2009

 "Thanks again for working out the fantastic construction site cake.  It was such a hit with [my son and] his school friends and the other mothers! They were 'ooing and ahing' over it and how good it tasted.  You have quite a skill with those!" Val, 2009

"I cannot thank you enough for the BEAUTIFUL cakes!  I'm not sure which one I like best because they're both so nice.  The detail you put into your cakes is amazing!  I forwarded your brochure to my friends in anticipation of them asking who made the cake.  Thank you SO MUCH!" Maria, 2009